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In these challenging times, we are committed to support the Israeli startup ecosystem and fuel the success of the next wave of disruptive companies.

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$15,000 Equity-Free Prize

What is PowerUP?

PowerUP is an online startup competition (no strings attached) for promising startups with a prize of $15,000 cash with an option to receive a $750,000 - $3,000,000 investment.
To participate, all you need to do is fill out an online application form and and benefit from a chance to:
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Win a 15,000$ prize (equity free)
Meet and consult with partners from Gefen Capital, MizMaa and N1V, all looking to invest in startups like you.


July 1
June 22
June 1
*Eligibility - Pre-seed to Round A startups showing initial signs of traction (up to 3M raised)
PowerUP your Startup

Why are we doing this?

We believe in great companies and talented founders. 

Although we are now in the midst of turbulent times with almost everyone affected - startups and corporations alike - great companies will continue to grow and disrupt our lives.

We are here to help such companies succeed.  

Through PowerUP we will support you with a boost of expert advice from veteran VCs and a humble grant to help go through these challenging times.


Can a bootstrapped startup apply?
We have not incorporated a company just yet. Can we apply?
Yes but you will have to form a legal entity in order to receive the cash grant.
What will be the process of selection?
First step is to fill out the submission form diligently. The second step will require a meeting / video recorded pitch. Once we complete the second round of assessments we will notify the winners. Roughly 7-10 business days after the application closes.
Can I submit in Hebrew?
Do I make any equity commitments if I win the grant?
Is there any “fine” print?
Not that we can see. Here are the terms and conditions again.
Who will get access to my materials?
MizMaa, Gefen Capital, NV1 Ventures and Quedma Innovation.  
Can I apply even if I have raised over 3M$?
Yes, chances are lower for the cash prize but you will be eligible for mentoring sessions with the partnering VCs.