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We are on a mission to empower the next generation of entrepreneurs and leaders.

Operating under the belief that entrepreneurship is a delicate mix of skill, experience, mindset and environment - we create meaningful experiences and frameworks, accelerating our participants' personal & professional growth.

Together with our clients and partners, we empower individuals and create a better future for society.

Our values and culture. Explore what we believe in:

“Starting something can be easy, it is finishing it that is sometimes the hurdle.”
Once we commit - we go all the way.

We also don’t like rounded corners or stuff 98% done. We make sure our deliverables are 100% ready when we send them, and do not require any additional work from the recipient.
The best communicators are those who relate in genuine ways with their audience.

Being open and vulnerable helps us connect with our participants, uplift our partners and create a culture that that encourages honest feedback and relationships built on trust.
We are our ‘word’.  When we say we will do something - we either do it by the time we said we will, or communicate otherwise.  

Integrity means a person accountable will make sure that task happens by the deadline agreed upon or communicate otherwise to all relevant stakeholders.
We see many teams fail die due to ‘elephants left in the room’.

Therefore, we talk about everything. We don’t let things ‘stay there’. We avoid gossip. We avoid negative feelings left unheard. We communicate things directly and respectfully as they arise.
We all find ourselves lacking knowledge or skills at times to achieve our goals.

So? We learn on our own, we talk to Google, we watch a video, we ask.
We are resourceful.

We figure it out — or figure out who can figure it out.
We are all learning all the time.

We are made of people who often know that they don’t know - and are keen to learn and grow every day.

We don’t like people who know it all, or worse, think they do when they don’t.
Speed & Focus
'Done' is better than perfect (however mediocre is worse than 'done').

Working long hours is not a value, making the most and being effective when you are working - is.

We value people who understand processes & people behavior. These elements combined with focus and speed allow us to Get Sh*t Done.
Growth Mindset
We are made of individuals who take their growth personally, and make dailyefforts to invest in themselves and their development.

We also commit to helping and supporting all Quedma team members to succeed in this by providing needed resources, guidance and access to support.
We believe 'Personal Accountability' is at the core of building a successful company where people operate out of passion and drive.

By calling it 'personal' - we also believe it cannot be shared. It is the essence of empowering individuals and achieving one's goals.
We are a team and we are all in this together. We do what is needed to help our peers and never there is no such thing as ‘this is not my job’.

Work-life-harmony is important and so is putting boundaries in order to live a happy life and avoid burnout.

Nonetheless, Quedma team members go out of their way to achieve the goal at hand or help their team members during times of need.

Our Team

A unique group of individuals, all sharing a great passion for what they do. 
Adam Lazovski
Co-Founder & Partner
Uri Gafni
Co-Founder & Partner
Shir Zilberstein
Director, Innovation Center
Noa Herman
Community & Partnerships Manager

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We generally enjoy being around fun, humble, smiling, happy people :)
You can reach us at info@quedma.com

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Quedma Innovation is helping organizations build and operate open innovation platforms, fueled by acceleration & venture creation programs. Through these programs, we support and empower founders on their quest to build great companies.

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